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General Relativity
Fall 2014

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  • Homework 5. Due Wednesday, December 10th.
  • Homework 4. Due Wednesday, November 19th.
    Hint for problem 1: Remember that we are always free to choose our coordinate system in the most convenient way in GR. Even when we are in a sitution where we're looking at perturbations on flat space, since the equations are all written in covariant form, there is an arbitrariness in the choice of coordinates. This arbitrariness is called gauge freedom. You have four coordinates to fix, so you can impose four conditions on the metric perturbations. A good choice will end up being the Lorenz Gauge:

    Note that this is a condition on the perturbation, not the trace-reversed perturbation.
  • Homework 3. Due Monday, November 3rd.
  • Homework 2. Due Monday, September 29th.
  • Homework 1. Due Wednesday, September 10th.
    You can start working on this, with the help of your book. Monday is a holiday, but by the end of Wednesday's class we will have covered the relevant material.

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