2 Physics 7720: General Relativity

- PHYS/ASTR 7720 -
General Relativity
Spring 2018

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  • Assignment 6: Due April 25. Solutions.
  • Assignment 5: Due April 11. Solutions.
  • Assignment 4: Due March 14. Solutions.
  • Assignment 3: Due February 21. Solutions.
  • Assignment 2: Due February 7. Solutions.
  • Assignment 1: Due January 29. Solutions. Extra Credit.
  • Extra Credit: Show that the appropriate condition for forbidding time reversal in (Proper) Lorentz transformations is . Transformations that satisfy this criteria are called orthochronous transformations. One could equally easily derive a condition that picks out all transformations that reverse time, i.e. non-orthochronous transformations. In this case, the condition is . Hint: Consider the Minkowski metric in two coordinate systems related by a generic transformation.

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