This is a key to the jpg photos taken on Ken and Brian's
May 1999 trip to the Southern Auger Site.

     Name                 description

im13may16.jpg  Los Leones site from 6.4 km away on road from Malargue.
im14may16.jpg  On Los Leones northern spur looking SE
im15may16.jpg  On Los Leones  "         "  looking S
im16may16.jpg  On Los Leones  "         "  looking SW toward Malargue.

im04may20.jpg  At EA tank 29 location looking SW
im05may20.jpg  Looking at EA tank 26 location from 2km N
im06may20.jpg  At EA tank 23 location looking W
im07may20.jpg  Ant hill at EA tank 23
im08may20.jpg  Los Leones from EA tank 23 location.
im09may20.jpg  At EA tank 20 location looking toward Los Leones
im10may20.jpg  Stream near EA center point.

im11may21.jpg  At base of Los Leones looking toward Malargue
im12may21.jpg  At antenna array site 1 looking toward Los Leones(5km)
im13may21.jpg  At antenna array site 2 looking toward Los Leones(10km)
im14may21.jpg  At antenna array site 3 looking toward Los Leones(15km)
im15may21.jpg  At antenna array site 4 looking toward Los Leones(20km)
im16may21.jpg  At antenna array site 5 looking toward Los Leones(25km)
im17may21.jpg  At antenna array site 5 looking toward Los Leones(30km)
im18may21.jpg  At Los Leones looking to the SW.

im19may22.jpg  On Cohieco (FD site) on N-most bench looking S
im20may22.jpg  On Cohieco highest point looking SE toward Malargue
im21may22.jpg  "    "       "      "    looking E across the array
im22may22.jpg  "    "       "      "    looking NE toward Sosneado
im23may22.jpg  "    "       "      "    looking WNW away from the array
im24may22.jpg  "    "    on central saddle looking S
im25may22.jpg  "    "    on central saddle looking NE
im26may22.jpg  "    "    on central saddle looking N