Proposed layout for the Nihuil site

Each eye on the perimeter would presumably have somewhat more than 180 degrees azimuth coverage in order to see showers coming into the array on the edges. Suppose there are 7 telescopes (210 degrees azimuth) for each partial eye, and 12 telescopes (360 degrees) at the central full eye. The total is then 33 telescopes, slightly less than the 36 that would be used in the Superman configuration.

The altitudes and coordinates of the FD sites and other landmarks have been given by Filevich.

The figure has been copied from a xerox map with overlay by Alberto Filevich. The plan was developed at the Itacuraca meeting by Rosanna Cester and Daniel Camin with help from Karl-Heinz Kampert and others.

Prototype fluorescence detector work would be done on the hill Los Leones, overlooking the prototype tank array.

The sketch indicates a location for the "central site" (or, more accurately, "observatory home base") near Los Leones. Daniel Camin, after visiting the site, has proposed that this facility be built just north of Malargue instead. An arrow in this map of Malargue indicates the proposed alternative location. Some photographs show some potential sites.

A better color map of this site layout is available in gif format or postscript format.

The lake in the lower right part of the figure is not suitable for tank deployment. It will presumably constitute a "hole" in the array unless the array perimeter is adjusted to gain that area somewhere else.

Click here for a postscript version of the figure above.