There are two levels of SPS membership at the University of Utah.

Local: There is no charge or formal membership in the local University of Utah SPS chapter. All you need to do is show up and participate in our meetings. All of our events are free and open to all people. If you would like to stay connected with SPS, consider joining our ASUU group, our Facebook group, or send us an email asking to join and we'll will add your email address to our announcement list. Feel free to contact any of the SPS officers.

National: A national membership costs $24 per year and comes with a subscription to Physics Today as well as a membership in an AIP society of your choice. National membership also includes opportunities for grants and scholarships. Please consider joining SPS National. The University of Utah Department of Physics & Astronomy is the fourth largest in the USA by enrollment. The more students we have register for SPS National, the more funding AIP will give U of U physics students for scholarships, stipends, research, and other general-purpose funding.

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