The current SPS presidency were appointed April 2015. Elections for the 2016-2017 academic year will occur April of 2016, all active members are invited to vote or run.

President - Cole Takasugi

     Bio: I am from Wilder -- a small farming community in Idaho. I really got interested in Physics while in high-school and chose to pursue it for an undergraduate degree. I’m currently a second year Pre- Professional Physics major and am also minoring in Nuclear Engineering. I currently plan on going to graduate school for a degree in nuclear.        

Vice President - Joseph Blanton

     Bio: I was born and raised in the Salt Lake valley and knew I wanted to learn about the mysteries of the universe well before I chose to study physics for my undergraduate degree here at the University of Utah. I plan to attend a graduate physics program after my time here is up. In addition to my undergraduate classes and helping out The Society of Physics Students, I am also involved in research in Dr. Shanti Deemyad’s lab where I am currently building high-resolution optical paths for taking spectroscopic pressure measurements of our samples. It is my goal this year to help SPS to foster a better sense of community within the physics department. I plan to have a great time doing it and hope to see you around the physics buildings this semester.        

Treasurer - Sebastian Atwood

     Bio: Sabastian Atwood is a physics major and is pursuing a research career in elementary particle physics because of his fascination with the fundamental components of the universe. He has studied German, Greek, and Latin literature and culture and always enjoys learning the history behind scientific knowledge. Sabastian also enjoys exercising, cooking, performing his own car maintenance, and serving in his local church congregation. His dream hobby is to build and fly his own ultralight aircraft.