Rotons in triangular lattice antiferromagnet

  • Elementary excitations above magnetically ordered state: spin waves (magnons). Harmonic approximation = non-interacting spin waves: good for collinear antiferromagnets because interaction-induced corrections appear only in 1/S2 order of the perturbative 1/S expansion only.
  • Non-collinear (spiral) antiferromagnet: triple vertices (like a+aa) describing decay of magnon into two appear already in 1/S1/2 order. Hence expect much stronger 1/S effect.
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  • We find significant renormalization of spin waves at 1/S level, including shallow local minima at the mid-points of BZ faces (points B and F). Most importantly - pronounced flat region with very weak dispersion (green area in right figure). Also find finite lifetime inside the shaded star-like area of the Brillouin zone (left figure).
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  • Flat spin-wave dispersion in a triangular antiferromagnet, O.A. Starykh, A.V. Chubukov, and A.G. Abanov, Phys. Rev. B 74, 180403 (2006).

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