Palette of gravitomagnetic effects

Jiri Bicak
Institute of theoretical physics, Charles University, Prague

After introductory remarks about the ideas of Mach and
     Einstein on the origin of inertia, I shall describe
     the first experiment for the verification of relativistic
     dragging/gravitomagnetic effects: the Gravity Probe B. (The "First
     results" from this 'historical' Standford gyro experiment,
     conceived at the end of 1959, funded by NASA from 1963,
     and launched on April 20, 2004--with the science phase finished on
     September 2005--will be announced in the plenary talk at the APS
     in Jacksonville by Francis Everitt on Saturday, April 14, 2007 at 9
        I shall then analyze several specific general-relativistic
     problems: the dragging of particles and fields around a
     rotating (Kerr) black hole, dragging inside a collapsing slowly
     rotating spherical shell of dust, linear dragging in a static
     situation in a specific model (using conformstatic spacetimes), and
     dragging effects caused by rotational perturbations beyond
     the cosmological horizon.