Michael Vershinin Lab

Enhanced stability of Kinesin-1 as a function of temperature.

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Heterogeneity in kinesin function.

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Custom complex 3D microtubule networks for experimentation and engineering.

Vershinin M, Bergman J, Doval F.

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Dual-color Herpesvirus Capsids Discriminate Inoculum from Progeny and Reveal Axonal Transport Dynamics.

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Constructing 3D microtubule networks using holographic optical trapping.

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Single Molecule Inhibition of Human Kinesin 5A by Adociasulfates-13 and -14 from the Sponge Cladocroce aculeate.

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Construction of a high resolution microscope with conventional and holographic optical trapping capabilities.

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High-resolution imaging reveals indirect coordination of opposite motors and a role for LIS1 in high-load axonal transport.

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Mechanical Stochastic Tug-of-war Models Cannot Explain Bi-directional Lipid droplet Transport.

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LIS1 and NudE induce a persistent dynein force-producing state.

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A comparison of step-detection methods: how well can you do?

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