Physics 1010 - Spring 2019

Physics 1010 - The Way Things Work
John DeFord

1010-001:   M W F, 9:40 - 10:30 a.m.; JFB 101 - map

Instructor: John DeFord
     JFB B-6
     Office Hours: 7:00 daily; or by appointment
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Course Administrator: Mary Ann Woolf
     205 JFB
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Text: Conceptual Physics, 12th Edition by Paul G. Hewitt

Exam Schedule

Exam 1 March 8
Exam 2 April 12

The FINAL EXAM is Thursday, April 25, 8:00-10:00 a.m.

Course Information

This course is designed to introduce students to the main ideas of Physics with relatively little math required. Some algebra will be used, but nothing beyond that encountered in High School. The emphasis will be on the applications to everyday experience. This comes at the cost of not covering most of the fascinating topics of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics as deeply as might be desired, although they will be discussed in a qualitative manner at the end of the course.

The course is structured as follows. There will be lectures on MWF. There will be homework submitted once a week usually on Mondays. These will be problems taken from the textbook (Hewitt 12th edition). There will be three midterm exams, taken in class, consisting of problems from the textbook. In addition there will be a 2 hour final which is comprehensive, and again taken from problems in the textbook. All exams will be closed book without crib notes.

Grades will be determined as follows. There will be two grades and the student will receive the higher of the two. The first will be calculated as follows. 100 points for homework, 100 points each for the midterm exams, and 200 for the final. This will give a total possible of 600 points. The scores will be placed on a chart and ranges relative to the median will be established for letter grades. The median will be set somewhere between a C and a B depending on how well the class, as a whole, does. The second will be the final alone. The grade for the final will be determined in the same fashion as that for the total. The student will then receive the higher of the two grades.

There will be no makeup exams, but students with legitimate reasons for missing an exam can contact me in advance and together we will make arrangements to take the exam at another time.

I am in the office at about 7AM every morning and always happy to help you. Take advantage of that opportunity! In addition, Mary Ann Woolf maintains a web page for the course on which will be found current information and help guides. It should be an enjoyable experience. I will do my best to make it so. Have fun!

Important Dates

Last day to register without a permission code is Friday, January 11
Last day to drop (delete) classes with no tuition penalties is Friday, January 18
Last day to add classes is Friday, January 18
Last day to elect CR/NC options is Friday, January 18


 January 21  Martin Luther King Jr. Day
 February 18  Presidents' Day
 March 10-17  Spring Break

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Students with Disabilities

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