Physics 5010 - Fall 2018

Physics 5010 - Theoretical Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics
John DeFord

5010-001:   M W, 11:50 a.m.-1:10 p.m.; LS 107 - map
Instructor: John DeFord
     JFB B-6
     Office Hours: 7:00 daily; or by appointment
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Course Administrator: Mary Ann Woolf
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Prerequisites: PHYS 3740 AND MATH 3150 AND MATH 3160.

Exam Schedule

Exam 1 October 24
Exam 2 November 28

The FINAL EXAM is Thursday, December 13, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Course Information

Physics 5010-20 is a series which serves two purposes. One is as the finishing course for non-professional track Physics majors. The second is to help incoming graduate students who have neither passed nor exempted the Common Exam for admission to the PhD program. As such it will have a mix of backgrounds in its students. I hope to be able to accommodate this variety, but the governing principle will be to achieve a satisfactory level of understanding by its end. I will attempt to show how the various subjects covered fit together in one grand overall picture.

The first semester deals with Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics. The second deals with Electrodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. It is assumed that all students are proficient in calculus and both ordinary and separable partial differential equations. In addition, they will make considerable use of complex variables and linear algebra. Where appropriate we will spend lecture time refreshing these math skills as needed. In particular students will need to be proficient at vector calculus and comfortable with spherical and cylindrical coordinate systems.

The actual mechanics of the course are as follows. There are two 75 minute ectures/week. Homework assignments will be passed out roughly every two weeks and due one week later. There will be two take home exams during the semester each to be due in one week. In addition, there will be a comprehensive take home final. Homework and hour exams will count 100 points each, the final 200 points, for a total of 500 points. There will be two grades one counting everything, and one counting the final only. You get the higher of the two.

You are encouraged to work together on the homework assignments, but the exams are individual and taken on an honor system.

There are several recommended books for the course, but none required. Instead the web page will publish notes on what is covered in the course, so that it is not necessary to take exhaustive notes during lecture. Hopefully this will make it easier to follow what is done in class.

This should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I am in the office at around 7 AM each day and always happy to see and help you. The only people who are likely to have problems are those I never see! Take advantage of the help available. HAVE FUN!


For additional information, a former 3220 student placed all the 3220 lecture on youtube. Just google "physics 3220 lecture videos youtube taylor checketts".

Important Dates

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 September 3  Labor Day
 October 7-14  Semester Break
 November 22-25  Thangsgiving Break

Recent Changes in Student Code

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Students with Disabilities

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