Curriculum Vitae

Please see my complete, more updated CV here (PDF).

Research Interests

Research Experience


  • Ph.D. Astronomy, 2012
    • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22904
    • Thesis: Infrared Extinction and Stellar Structures in the Milky Way Midplane (Advisor: S. R. Majewski)
  • M.S. Astronomy, 2007
  • B.S. Physics, 2005

Publication Summary

I have 71 refereed publications with 3,116 refereed citations, for an h-index of 33 (exact numbers may be slightly outdated). See the full list here.

About Me

Between birth and college, I lived in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Virginia, New York, and Tennessee, with the bulk of the time in the last two states. (And "y'all" is a perfectly acceptable contraction.) When I started college, I was torn between astronomy and the classics, so I took the easy way out and majored in both physics and Latin. I could only pick one as a career, however (so far!), and I couldn't imagine not studying astronomy, so I did one REU in physics and one in astronomy, and went to grad school in the University of Virginia. That was an exquisite experience, but they made me graduate, at which time I was awarded an NSF Postdoc Fellowship. This I fulfilled at The Ohio State University and then at Johns Hopkins University, adding two more states to my list of residences. After another year at Johns Hopkins, I moved across the street to the Space Telescope Science Institute. I absolutely loved Baltimore's passionate, sometimes-gritty, independent, do-your-own-thing style, but in 2017, I was excited to move to Salt Lake City, to take up a faculty position at the University of Utah and enjoy the great outdoors of the American West.
When not working, I enjoy traveling, outreach, sci-fi and comedy, hiking, wine, cooking, and good friends!