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Post-baccalaureate fellowship

In addition to our standard PhD application we also have a post-baccalaureate program to support students interested in a PhD in physics or astronomy, but that may need an extra opportunity to develop core skills in research and course work. This is a fully funded one-year program that will engage students in research and upper division undergraduate physics course work. The ideal student for this program is anyone who is: (1) in need of extra course work to prepare for graduate courses, (2) returning to graduate school after years in the workforce, or (3) students interested in transitioning into physics or astronomy from an adjacent field (e.g. engineering, math, etc…). After successful completion of the program students will have the option of completing a master’s or PhD in physics or astronomy.

******** To be updated upon instruction:

Include a brief, one sentence note stating your interest in this program at the beginning of your Personal Statement. Applicants should otherwise follow the graduate application instructions as noted in How to Apply.

Send questions with the subject line "Post-bacc" to