SnowCluster - The Physics of Galaxy Clusters

March 18 - 23, 2018

Chandra gradient map of Perseus cluster (Walker et al. 2017); Hitomi X-ray spectrum (Aharonian et al. 2016)

Galaxy clusters grow via accretion of smaller clusters and groups, a process that shock-heats the intracluster plasma, generates turbulence and persistent bulk flows, amplifies and reorders magnetic fields and accelerates cosmic rays. Comparable havoc in the cluster cores can be created by the central supermassive black hole. At the same time, the success of large cluster surveys to constrain the cosmological model depends critically on our ability to measure the dark and luminous matter distribution in clusters, which in turn depends on precise understanding and modeling of the above phenomena. The last three years saw important developments towards this goal. The dramatic Hitomi measurement of the intracluster turbulence and metal abundances; new results from NuSTAR, ALMA, Planck, JVLA, LOFAR, GMRT; new high-resolution Sunyaev-Zeldovich measurements; ultra-sensitive observations with Chandra, XMM and Suzaku; legacy-class gravitational lensing surveys; recent improvements in our modeling of cluster hydrodynanics and first results from ab-initio simulations of the intracluster plasma -- as well as the imminent launch of the SXG/eRosita surveyor -- make this a particularly interesting time to study galaxy clusters.

We therefore invite you to join us on March 18-23, 2018, at the fourth SnowCluster meeting in Snowbird, Utah, nestled within the spectacular Little Cottonwood Canyon, to engage in these exciting discussions on the physics of galaxy clusters.



Topics covered:

• Distribution of baryons and dark matter in and around clusters; scaling relations: X-ray, SZ, lensing, theory
• Evolution and surveys: X-ray, SZ, high-z objects
• Cool cores: turbulence, AGN feedback, sloshing; observations and theory
• Hitomi results and what they mean
• Metal abundances in cores and outside
• Cluster outskirts: observations and theory
• Recent developments in cluster formation simulations
• Mergers and shocks: observations and theory
• Nonthermal phenomena: halos, relics, acceleration processes, field structure
• Plasma microphysics: theory and how to constrain it with data
• Forthcoming instruments in the X-ray, SZ, optical and radio

Invited speakers:

I. Bartalucci, K. Basu, N. Battaglia, S. Borgani (TBC), M. Bruggen, D. Buote, D. Caprioli, R. Cassano (TBC), C. Chang, T. Clarke, K. Dolag, J. Drake, D. Eckert, A. Fabian, W. Forman, M. Gaspari, M. Gendron-Marsolais, L. Gu, J. Hlavacek-Larrondo, H. Hoekstra, Y. Ichinohe, M. Johnston-Hollitt, T. Jones, R. Kale, K. Matsushita, P. Mazzotta, I. McCarthy (TBC), B. McNamara, E. Medezinski, F. Mernier, S. Nakashima, F. Pacaud, A. Pillepich, E. Pointecouteau, M. Rossetti, F. Ruppin, J. Sanders, C. Sarazin, K. Sharon, T. Shimwell, A. Spitkovsky, S. Stanchfield, Y. Su, K. Umetsu, R. Van Weeren, M. Voit, J. Wiener, G. Wilson, H. Yamaguchi, S. Zimmer, J. ZuHone.

SOC members will also present contributed talks.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

M. Bradac (UC Davis), G. Brunetti (IRA Bologna), E. Churazov (MPA, IKI), A. Kravtsov (Chicago), M. Kunz (Princeton), A. Mahdavi (SFSU), M. Markevitch (NASA GSFC, chair), M. McDonald (MIT), T. Mroczkowski (ESO), G. Pratt (CEA Saclay), H. Russell (Cambridge UK), D. Wik (Utah), I. Zhuravleva (Stanford).

Local Organizing Committee:

David Kieda (Utah), Kathrine Skollingsberg (Utah), & Daniel Wik (Utah).


Important Dates

Registration, Hotel & Abstract Deadline
January 17, 2018

Late Registration:
January 18, 2018 - March 18, 2018

Final Banquet Orders:
March 15, 2018


Meeting Events

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Poster Session
Poster Session will take place all week.
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Social Events

Opening Reception
20:00 - 22:00, Sun. March 18, at the Golden Cliff Ballroom.
Come meet fellow collaborators.

20:00 - 22:00, Thurs. March 22, at the Golden Cliff Ballroom.
Join the celebration to honor the hard-working scientists who made the SnowCluster collaboration such an extraordinary success.



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