Anil Seth’s Group


I have had the privilege of working with some great postdocs, and undergraduate and graduate students. 

Current Group Members (June 2019): 

Karina Voggel (Postdoc)

Aishwarya Ashok (Graduate Student)

Antoine Dumont (Graduate Student)

Renuka Pechetti (Graduate Student)

Estephani Torres-Villanueva (Undergraduate Student)

Tobin Wainer (Undergraduate Student)

Former group members:

Postdocs: Mark den Brok (AIP Potsdam)

Graduate Students: Chris Ahn (Northrup-Grumman), Dieu Nguyen (NAOJ), Cliff Johnson (UW graduate student, currently Northwestern U.)  

Undergraduate & Postbac Students: Olivia Cooper, Lexie Wilson, Candace Bryn, Timothy Bell, Jordan Bulkley, Julie Tang, Ellie Penner, Gina Eastes, Alex Deich, Dylan Gregersen, Chris DiLullo, Brian Kimmig, Matt Wallace, Katharine Larsen, Nell Byler

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