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Squeezing An Electron CrystalSqueezing An Electron Crystal

The Wigner crystal is an elusive beast. Predicted in 1934, this crystal of electrons, which is one of the most strongly correlated states of matter, forms when the electron density is ultralow. But a lack of clean enough systems with that property make it hard to measure. Within the last few months, researchers have imaged its structure. Now another group, led by Vikram Deshpande at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, has measured the energy required to add an electron to the crystal, a quantity that reveals the interaction strength of the system.


DESI Opens its 5,000 Eyes to Capture the Colors of the CosmosDESI Opens its 5,000 Eyes to Capture the Colors of the Cosmos

A new instrument mounted atop a telescope in Arizona aimed its robotic array of 5,000 fiber-optic “eyes” at the night sky to capture the first images showing its unique view of galaxy light.


Physics Professor Named Presidential ScholarPhysics Professor Named Presidential Scholar

Four University of Utah faculty members, including Anil Seth from the Department of Physics & Astronomy, have been named Presidential Scholars. This award honors extraordinary research and academic efforts of early to mid-career faculty.


Last Updated: 11/11/19