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For the latest updates from the College of Science on COVID-19, read hereListen to a podcast on KCPW with our own Assistant Professor Michael Vershinin discussing the NSF Rapid Response grant he and Associate Professor Saveez Saffarian received to work on COVID-19.  


Christoph Boehme Named Chair of Physics & Astronomy DepartmentChristoph Boehme Named Chair of Physics & Astronomy Department

Dean Peter Trapa announced that Professor Christoph Boehme has accepted an offer to serve as chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, effective July 1, 2020.


Neda Lotfizadeh and Carbon NanotubesNeda Lotfizadeh and Carbon Nanotubes

Neda Lotfizadeh’s favorite memory of graduate school was when she took her first nanotube data. She’d worked on different projects that hadn’t been successful due to the low quality of the material available. This day, however, was different. She measured a high-quality carbon nanotube. “I could see each electron entering the nanotube, and I was over the moon!


Ipsita Saha and HIV ResearchIpsita Saha and HIV Research

Graduate student Ipsita Saha likes physics because it explains the small details of daily life—the science behind how a car works or the mechanics of opening a window. She also likes that physics allows scientists to visualize mathematical equations. During her studies, she harbored a secret desire to become an astronomer but eventually realized she was more interested in the ability of physics to answer intricate biological questions. When she came to the U for graduate studies, she joined a biophysics lab.


Last Updated: 5/3/20