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Spin on Perovskite Research Advances Potential for Quantum ComputingSpin on Perovskite Research Advances Potential for Quantum Computing

The next generation of information technology could take advantage of spintronics—electronics that use the minuscule magnetic fields emanating from spinning electrons as well as the electric charges of the electrons themselves—for faster, smaller electronic devices that use less energy. Newly published work by scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the University of Utah may figure into the future success of spin-based electronics.


U Physics Students Attend PhysCon ConferenceU Physics Students Attend PhysCon Conference

Twelve students from the Physics & Astronomy Department attended the 2019 Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Congress (Phys Con) in Providence, Rhode Island, the largest gathering of undergraduate physics students in the world. The biannual conference is sponsored by the American Institute of Physics.


Fall Issue of the SpectrumFall Issue of the Spectrum

the Spectrum is published twice a year by the Department of Physics & Astronomy and provides interesting information about the department.


Last Updated: 12/6/19