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6th annual Giving Day

Support the Department of Physics & Astronomy Giving Day event. 

Join our supporters by participating in the 6th annual Giving Day event. Generous and thoughtful alumni and donors like you are helping students succeed in Physics & Astronomy!  

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in support of our top priorities: 

  • Applied Science Building Project  
  • Undergraduate Scholarships  
  • Graduate Fellowships  

The Applied Science Building will serve as the new home and headquarters for Physics & Astronomy! The 140,700 square-foot facility is expected to produce: 

  • A 56% increase in experimentation labs and computer labs 
  • New classrooms and tutoring centers for all STEM students at the U 
  • World-class research facilities to support the work of our research faculty and projects 

Supporting our students is always a top priority.  Scholarship funding is becoming increasingly important in our efforts to alleviate the financial burden on our students. With your help, we hope to offer many more merit-based and need-based scholarships to qualified students. Donor-funded scholarships allow our department to provide life-changing educational and research experiences at an exceptional value.  

Support the Department of Physics & Astronomy Giving Day event. 

The department giving pages were activated early, so we hope you consider participating in this effort between now and April 3.  


Become a Champion 

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