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The University of Utah's Department of Physics & Astronomy is committed to pursuing key science questions within an inclusive academic community; to training and diversifying the next generation of researchers, educators, and technology workforce leaders; and to inspiring an appreciation for knowledge in students and the wider community.

In pursuit of this mission, the department supports the highest levels of research and teaching among its faculty members. We strive to enable the success of undergraduate and graduate students by creating an academically excellent, efficient, and comfortable learning environment. Our goal is that organizations and individuals in the local and global community will benefit from our research and accomplishments.

Latest News

Snapshots: Ethan Lame

Ethan Lame is a junior majoring in physics, with an emphasis in astronomy and astrophysics....

Extraordinary black hole found in neighboring galaxy

Astronomers discovered a black hole unlike any other. At one hundred thousand solar masses, it...

Tabitha Buehler Honored with U’s Distinguished Teaching Award

Tabitha Buehler, Associate Lecture Professor of Physics and Astronomy, has been recognized for her significant...

University of Utah Physics Students Win National Recognition for Fifth Consecutive Year

The U’s Student-Led Physical Sciences Organization is recognized by being named a Distinguished SPS Chapter...

the Spectrum

the Spectrum Fall 2021

Swigart Fellowship Program Provides Support for Grad Student Research

Ten graduate students in Physics and Astronomy spent the summer conducting research with the support...

Joel Brownstein Receives Award for SDSS Work

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has given its 2021 Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD)...

Yue Zhao Receives Physics Innovation Award

Yue Zhao, assistant professor in Physics and Astronomy, has received a Gordon and Betty Moore...

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor William D. Ohlsen

Emeritus Professor William David Ohlsen died peacefully at his home in Salt Lake City on...


Exceptional opportunities to learn, work, and collaborate across many levels of biological
organization and styles of research in the heart of Mountain America.

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