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South Physics Observatory

The "AstronomUrs" host Wednesday night star parties & also provide K12 and outreach activities.

Email for inquiries regarding visits and presentations.

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Utah Physics Circle

This is an extracurricular group of faculty and students dedicated to learning more about physics through discussion, problem solving, and demonstration.

In the Physics Circle, we will use engaging and innovative techniques to build this intuition early by inviting high school students to work with us (and each other!) in discovering what physics is all about and to lay a strong foundation for further studies in physics and astronomy.

Utah Physics Circle

HiSPARC cosmic ray research

The High School Project on Astrophysics Research with Cosmics (HiSPARC) is a project in which high schools and academic institutions join forces and form a network to observe and measure ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with a ground-based scintillation detector.

HiSPARC offers students and teachers the opportunity to participate in real research, with the purpose of finding out more about these mysterious and rare cosmic particles.


ICECUBE Masterclass

The IceCube masterclasses will be held at twenty research institutions in the US, Europe and Asia. We invite our young students—our future scientists—to learn about particle astrophysics by doing real research.

IceCube is an amazing experiment. It is the largest detector ever built, is taking data in the harshest place on Earth, and has observed the highest energy neutrinos ever!


Noyce Scholarship

The University of Utah is honored to offer theRobert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Programto talented undergraduates who want to become science teachers in K-12 schools.  The program is funded through a generous grant from the National Science Foundation and consists of over 150 sites at colleges and universities across the nation.  Noyce Scholars receive $10,000 per year for up to three years to support upper-division, licensure, and master’s level coursework.  

Noyce Scholarship

Teach for Utah Scholarship

The Teach for Utah program is for students passionate about science and mathematics and teaching grades 6-12 in Utah.  This scholarship program offers 50% tuition support for 25 STEM-focused education students.

Teach for Utah

About K-12 Education & Public Outreach

Since January of 2023, the Department of Physics & Astronomy has provided outreach with an estimated:

Between Jan 2023 and April 2024, 575 presentations were provided in the department

Together, we can can make a difference.

In addition to regular programs, the Department partners with groups for presentations, field trips, lectures, tours and more!

"For people who love to solve problems."


Paul Ricketts

Paul Ricketts
Interpretive Specialist - SPO

Paul Ricketts manages the South Physics Observatory and the team of AstronomUrs.  Star Parties are hosted each Wednesday evening.  Paul and the AstronomUrs provide presentations, activities and demos.  Email for arrangements.

Julie Callahan Outreach Coordinator

Julie Callahan

Julie Callahan is a digital artist and has worked in the Department of Physics & Astronomy many years.  She can help you coordinate your activities or point you to resources on and off campus.

Jacklyn Maldonado
Website/Social Media

Jacklyn manages the Department website and oversees the posts on social media.  Email for website support.


Email us for questions, coordination or inquiries

Department of Physics & Astronomy

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