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email:                                                           203 JFB   (James Fletcher Bldg)   115 S. 1400 E.

We are dedicated to advancing the educational and research missions of the Department of Physics & Astronomy through efficient and compliant purchasing, financial monitoring, and comprehensive payroll support. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing a positive experience.


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Marcia Cook deWolfe

 Department budgeting, college level reports, financial oversight, strategic planning of resources, office supervisor

Joshua Tomlin

Sr. Accountant
 Purchasing Manager and Supervisor, recharge center billing, payroll backup

Vicki Nielsen

Accountant, Payroll
 Hiring, employment eligibility, time cards, awards, and scholarships.

Avori Allegretto

Accounting Specialist
 Purchasing, PCard reallocation, accounting emails, office support and reception