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PCard Policy

This policy is to help ensure a timely/accurate review and reallocation for all Pcard purchases monthly. Failure to comply can result in the department revoking your Pcard for non-compliance after a warning.

We require all receipts for the current month being reallocated to be turned in and the funding source(s) to charge indicated no later than the 3rd business day of the following month. For example, December receipts would need to be turned in by January 3rd if it was three business days into the month. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the reallocator in circumstances where this condition cannot be met and this needs to be communicated by the cardholder for arrangements to be made by the deadline. It’s still encouraged for card holders to turn in receipts and specify funding source(s) to be used when received from vendors.

UShop is the alternative for Pcard purchases and the Accounting office will help facilitate the training for those who would like to use this method or in the event of having their Pcard revoked will be mandated to use for placing orders. Orders that cannot be placed in UShop will be assisted by Accounting.

Although, all issues with Pcard purchases such as taxed transactions and missing documentation are the Pcard holder’s responsibility, we review purchases monthly for compliance and will notify you of potential violations on your monthly Pcard statement.

We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to provide Purchasing Card support.