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The Physics and Astronomy Honors Program is designed to give a richer educational experience to students in the University of Utah's Honors College pursuing their Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Utah.

The program helps students engage in serious research and take classes in an accelerated curriculum. The centerpiece of an honors degree in physics is a project culminating in the submission of a written thesis and the presentation of the student's work in a public forum. The honors degree is is conferred by the Honors College. The requirements for fulfilling an honors degree are detailed below, and include keeping a GPA above 3.5, taking honors level courses, and completing a thesis project.



Requirements for the Honors B.S. in Physics:

Students seeking an honors degree must first be enrolled in the University’s honors program.

Honors College Advisor
Karleton Munn is the Honors College Advisor for College of Science students.
Faculty Honors Advisor
Dr. Shanti Deemyad is the faculty Honors advisor and will work with you to approve your Honors Thesis.

Research Experiences for Undergrads

The Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah offers a research experience program in physics and astronomy that allows undergraduate students to work closely with a faculty mentor and their research group on an individual project.

All interested students are invited to apply for this 10-week summer program.

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