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Welcome to graduate studies in physics and astronomy at the University of Utah! Current graduate students and prospective graduate students can contact our graduate program coordinator,, for questions that aren't answered on these pages. 

Currently enrolled graduate students can find the most up to date information in our Canvas course, emails sent to all grads, or by making an advising appointment with Bryce or your advising committee. Grads are advised not to drop classes, withdraw, switch grading options, or make other enrollment decisions without first meeting with the graduate program coordinator. We're here to help you navigate policy and procedure.


The Graduate Student Advisory Committee exists to serve current graduate students. GSAC is an invaluable resource for improving the graduate experience.
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Departmental & University Resources
Thesis bootcamps, mediation, career guidance, writing workshops, outdoor equipment, you name it! It's all available to you. Here is a list to get you started, but it's by no means definitive.
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Graduate Forms
All required forms are available as PDFs. If you cannot find the form you need it may be listed on the Graduate School or Registrar webpage.
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Grants & Fellowships
There are hundreds of grants and fellowships available to graduate students. Here you'll find a small sampling to get you started.
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Comprehensive Exam

Find old exams here:

Fall '19 EM   Fall '19 QM

Milestone MS Procedure

Students enrolled in the PhD program may apply for the Milestone MS upon completion of their Qualifying Exam and Program of Study. The Milestone MS is no different than a non-thesis MS and might benefit your grant and fellowship applications. If you wish to apply for your Milestone MS please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Qualifying Exam

Graduate students preparing to take the qualifying exam should notify the Program Coordinator of the scheduled date and time of the exam. Once the exam is complete, the committee chair should send the signed Qualifying Exam form to

Tuition Benefits and Insurance

The Tuition Benefit Program has been slightly restructured to simplify the process of awarding tuition benefits and health insurance to all qualified students. Students employed as RAs, TAs, GAs, and GFs are now all eligible to receive GSHIP. Read more about it here.

The Department of Physics & Astronomy will also continue our new initiative of fully covering the health insurance premium. In addition, we will cover the International Student fee and some differential tuition. These fees will still appear on your student account so it's important that you reply to email requests from the graduate program coordinator.

These initiatives are evaluated each semester and will be supported so long as it is financially possible for the department to do so.

Ready to defend?

If you are within a semester or two of defending your thesis please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator to set up a final semester meeting. International students should also schedule an appointment with ISSS.

Your semester of defense does not necessarily correspond with your semester of graduation. Thesis submission deadlines are critical to determining your graduation semester. With very few exceptions, you must be enrolled in a thesis credit during the defense semester.

Staying Connected

Events and seminars are happening in person and remotely. You can learn more about these in the events calendar and by reading departmental emails.

Events Calendar

For more information, contact:

Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS)

Douglas Bergman
Graduate Program Coordinator

Bryce Nelson
Book an advising appointment or stop by JFB 204