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Welcome to graduate studies in physics and astronomy at the University of Utah! Please navigate to the resources below or learn about our PhD program at the Apply link above.

Find announcements through the post feature below or by searching UMail. Department policy can be found in the graduate program handbook corresponding to the matriculation year. International students must confer with ISSS for the most accurate I-20 and OPT policies. Grads are advised to not drop classes, withdraw, switch grading options, or make other enrollment decisions without first meeting with the graduate program coordinator or Director of Graduate Studies. Course decisions and research help are available from the assigned Advisory or Supervisory Committee.

Graduate Forms
Check to see if the form you need is available digitally or if it needs to be uploaded as a signed PDF.

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The Graduate Student Advisory Committee exists to serve current graduate students. GSAC is an invaluable resource for improving the graduate experience.

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Click here for more information about the graduate student travel program, as well as application links.
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Departmental & University Resources
Thesis bootcamps, mediation, career guidance, writing workshops, outdoor equipment, you name it! It's all available to you. Here is a list to get you started, but it's by no means definitive.
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Grants & Fellowships
There are hundreds of grants and fellowships available to graduate students. Here you'll find a small sampling to get you started.

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GPA Calculator
To calculate your GPA, you need to supply two pieces of information, found in your Academic Summary in CIS: your GPA Units (completed credits), and Cumulative GPA.
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International student visa renewal

Students who choose to travel back to their home country to renew their visa do so at their own risk. It is critical that before traveling abroad, you assess the circumstances that could hinder your ability to return to Utah, such as covid-19 quarantine requirements or regional conflict. Before traveling, you should confer with: ISSS, your PI or the TA coordinator, the payroll officer, and the department coordinator. The department is able to provide an offer letter, noting your employment details and financial support. No other departmental documentation is available.


Graduation preparation should begin at least one semester prior. Request a graduation consultation with the program coordinator, schedule an appointment with ISSS (if on a visa), check thesis deadlines. Finally, prepare for your job search by meeting with Dr. Francine Mahak at the Career & Professional Services Center.

Advising Day

Advising Day takes place fall and spring semester on Reading Day. All graduate students and their internal committee members are required to attend. Please come prepared with your transcripts, UnID, Ta or RA plans for the next semester, and questions or concerns for your committee.

Advising Day Spring 2024 will take place April 24, 2024

For more information, contact:

Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS)

Pearl Sandick

Office hours: 12:45 p.m -1:45 p.m Friday's in CSC
Graduate Program Coordinator

Kelsey Krause
Book an advising appointment below or stop by JFB 202
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Staying Connected

Events and seminars are happening in person and remotely. You can learn more about these in the events calendar and by reading departmental emails.

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