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The P&A Department aims to support all students in attending at least one major national meeting in their field during their time as a graduate student.

    1. Presentation of results.
    2. Exposure to the breadth of work of other scientists.
    3. Professional networking.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must have passed their comprehensive and qualifying exams and be in good
    academic standing by the time the conference takes place.
  • Students must be giving a presentation on their own work at the conference, either a
    talk or a poster. Confirmation of this is not required prior to submitting the GSTP
    application but will be required prior to the funds being disbursed; see Application
    Procedure details below.
  • Students who have previously received support through the GSTP are eligible to apply
    again, but they should be aware that students who have yet to receive support will be
    given higher priority.
  • Students must not have received support from the GSTP in the 12 months prior to the

Eligible Conferences:

  • The following national society meetings are automatically eligible: APS (March or April
    Meetings), AAPT (Summer or Winter Meetings), AAS (Summer or Winter Meetings)
  • Additional conferences may be eligible, but will require a statement from the PI to
    explain how the meeting addresses the specific goals of the GSTP.

Advisor Funding Match:

  • The GSTP will provide up to $1250 per student per conference.
  • The PI must match at least 50% of the total travel cost. Note that this means that the
    amount provided by the GSTP may be less than the $1250 maximum.
  • Requests for any exceptions to the above requirements must be requested and justified by the PI
    in their letter of commitment.

Application Procedure:

  • Please submit the following materials via the GSTP Application Form.
  • Current CV
  • Budget (see template)
  • Letter of Commitment from your PI, which must explicitly include:
    • Statement of support for attendance
    • Commitment of matching funds
    • Any exception requests
  • Confirmation of presentation, if available.

The Application includes the following questions (answers should be approximately one paragraph each):

  • What do you hope to achieve by attending this conference?
  • Discuss some things you will do at the conference to support your goals (eg. attend a specific
    workshop or session, participate in networking events, meet with an expert in your field etc.).
    Please be specific.

Applications must be submitted one month before the close of regular registration for the proposed conference. Students are encouraged to submit their application early enough that they can take advantage of early-bird registration dates. Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee as they are received. Students can expect a response within three weeks of submission.

    1. This program will be evaluated annually by department leadership and is expected to continue
    2. Details of the program will be listed in the Graduate Handbook and on the department website.