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Cyri Dixon Named Outstanding New Advisor of the Year

Cyri Dixon

In recognition of her ability to “create, navigate, and graduate” physics students, the University of Utah Academic Advising Community has named Cyri Dixon, undergraduate advisor for the Physics & Astronomy Department, as the Outstanding New Academic Advisor for 2021.

Dixon has proven to be a valuable resource to undergraduate students in all areas of academic advising. As the only undergraduate advisor for the department, she meets with each and every physics major. She has 236 physics major students and prides herself on knowing each student by name. She helps each develop a course plan that fits their interests as we’ll as connecting them to research and internship opportunities, campus resources, and the department community as a whole.

She is pleased to be involved with the changes made to the Physics & Astronomy Department’s curriculum to make things more flexible and inclusive for students, including the department’s new computational emphasis and adjustments to honors requirements, as well as new reform to be implemented next year.

Here are comments from students and faculty about Dixon and her work:

Cyri is an incredible advocate for students. She is kind and thoughtful and makes you feel comfortable expressing your feelings about things. She is the best physics advisor I have had. ~student comment

Thanks for everything you do. People like you make the world turn. ~Dr. Rich Ingebretsen, faculty

Whenever I am worried about a student, Cyri knows what is going on or knows what to do to address the problem. Thank you, Cyri, for your help, patience, and for caring about all our students. ~Dr. Tugdual Stephan Lebohec, faculty

Cyri has been a terrific advisor for me. She has always been available for chats or emails and been quick to respond to all of my questions, even unusual or specific ones that are only tangentially related to completing a physics degree. After every meeting I’ve had with her I tell my wife, “she’s a great advisor.” I think Cyri absolutely deserves this award. ~student comment

Cyri is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is very quick to respond to any questions; she’s always willing to help no matter what. She has always been able to help me with whatever I have needed. She’s very easy to talk to, and she makes you feel like you can do just about anything. ~student comment

A graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Physical Sciences Education, Dixon also has minor degrees in physics and chemistry teaching. She is currently working on a Masters of Public Administration degree at the U. Originally from Idaho, she returned to Utah after living in the Midwest and teaching middle school science and engineering in Arizona. She loves camping, sports, Wonder Woman, and her dog, Roka.