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Dark, Hot, Warm, and Fuzzy mattEer in Space and Time

A scientific meeting to celebrate the career of David Hal Weinberg

July 15-17, 2024, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

In this workshop, we will discuss recent progress and current issues in galaxy formation and evolution and cosmology. Related topics include large-scale structure, galaxy-halo connection, circum-galactic and inter-galactic media, quasars and super-massive black holes, and chemical evolution in galaxies.

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Andreas Berlind (NSF, Co-Chair)
  • Juna Kollmeier (CITA/Carnegie Obs.)
  • Jeremy Tinker (NYU)
  • Zheng Zheng (U of Utah, Co-Chair)
  • Ying Zu (SJTU)

Local Organizing Committee


Supporting Institutions and Organizations