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Being Human in STEM student symposium

materials prepared and presented during the student symposium

Being Human in STEM 

Students in SCI 3900/HONOR 3990 presented 4 student projects:
  • Let’s express our stress! This project aims to establish a campus culture that welcomes discussion on student mental health by providing student-led events to de-stress, having dialogues, and find a supportive community.

  • Scholarship Extravaganza This project identifies barriers in accessing scholarships for U of U students and focuses on promoting better access by collaborating with the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

  • STEM students are hungry too! This project’s goal is to inform the campus community about the current barriers that STEM students face in accessing food on campus. Students in this team distributed a survey to gather data, and proposed a number of possible solutions to improve food accessibility.

  • LGBTQ+ Affirmations Project The project aims to spread affirmation, education, and support for LGBTQ+ identities, particularly in the wake of recent state legislation, i.e., SB0283 (an anti-DEI bill) and HB0257 (an anti-transgender bathroom bill). Students made micro affirmation posters to help encourage and educate their peers. A survey is used to gather student opinions on the campus environment for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Please find a summary handout for each project and the Symposium presentation slides in the HSTEM Symposium brochure_2024

Spring 2024 Being Human in STEM Instructors:
Claudia De Grandi (Physics & Astronomy)
Jordan Gerton (Physics & Astronomy)
Rodolfo Probst (Science Research Initiative Fellow – Biology)