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ICECUBE Masterclass 4-27

Attendees, presenters and organizers of the ICECUBE Masterclass 2024

The inaugural ICECUBE Masterclass took place in Crocker Science Center 206, where about 30 people spent their Saturday learning about neutrino research near the South Pole in the Antarctic.  Several ICECUBE collaborators, including Carsten Rott, Dennis Soldin and Yosuke Ashida provided overviews of astroparticle physics research, and followed these presentations with an introduction to particle analysis.  Attendees included high school students and physics teachers, parents, visiting scholars and students from programs at the U of U, Utah Valley University, and Weber State University.

From the registration materials:
Learn about IceCube, a cubic-kilometer detector at the South Pole and about how tiny particles, called cosmic rays and neutrinos, can help us explore the extreme universe.  Learn how to analyze ICECUBE data and research experience.


If this looks like an event you would like to participate in next year, put it on your calendar to contact in March 2025.

Attendees, presenters and organizers of the ICECUBE Masterclass 2024 paper foldable designed by Dennis Soldin demonstrating the scale of the ICECUBE detector apparatus Image of the electronic PCB in an ICECUBE PMT dome A 'dome' or round photomultiplier tube used in the ICECUBE detectors Official down jacket from the Antarctic team worn at the ICECUBE location