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Department Software, software and services,

Help finding and installing software available at the U of U Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Department Software

The Department licenses some mathematic, scientific, and special software generally for undergraduate research assistants, graduate students, classes, faculty, and staff.

See a list here

University of Utah software and services

The U of U provides many software packages and services to all students, faculty, and staff either for free or deeply discounted.


  • Box - The U of U Box cloud storage, called Ubox, click here to download a client for your machine.
  • Office 365 - Students, faculty and staff can go to to download.
  • Google - Access to the G suite apps, email, storage etc.

Available at

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Free for both University and personally owned computers.
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN - Free for both University and personally owned computers.
  • Captivate - $233.00 for Perpetual License - University owned computers only.
  • EndNote - $22.00/year - Both University and personally owned computers.
  • FileMaker Pro - $188.00 for Perpetual License - Both University and personally owned computers.
  • FrameMaker - Free for faculty and staff, can be installed on both University and personally owned computers but can only be used for work related purposes. Not available to students.
  • Ink2Go - Free for faculty and staff, not available to students.
  • LabVIEW - Free for students for academic purposes. Must be purchased through OSL webstore to obtain Student Install serial number needed for activation through the NI Activation Wizard.
  • MatLab - Annual License is $30.00/year for students, $135.00/year for University owned computers.
  • Origin Pro - Annual License is $14.00/year for students, $20.00/year for University owned computers.
  • Visio - Too many license options to go over here, please login at for details.
  • Visual Studio Professional - Perpetual license for University owned computers is $65.00, with a MSDN Subscription it is $173.00. Perpetual license for Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN Subscription is $395.00.
  • Windows 10 Upgrade - Free for University owned computers and students.

This is not a complete list of software available on and what is available can change at any time. Login is required and some software requires payment. Annual licenses have varying expiration dates regardless of date of purchase so be sure to check this before purchase.

Available for free download on the Internet:

  • Adobe Reader
  • BitVise SSH Client
  • Bridge Designer
  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • LibreOffice
  • PuTTY
  • Skype
  • Stellarium
  • Thunderbird
  • Zoom

Department Software

This software is generally only available for department servers & workstations, undergraduate research assistants, Grad students, faculty, and staff. Needs to be installed by Andy or Brad.

  • LabView
  • Maple
  • MatLab
  • Mathematica
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Origin Pro

For installation of any of these software products please fill out a Helpdesk ticket at IT service/support request.

Need computer help?

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